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Printz & Patternz is a Schenectady-based custom apparel and promotional product retailer . We are focused on stitching together high quality custom materials with a focus on community involvement and pride.

Born and raised in Schenectady County, founder Daniel Crowley recognized early on the impact that close relationships, friendships, and excellent customer service would have on a starting a business. In 2008, Dan founded P&P, growing the business from a sole proprietorship to now include a production facility, a retail store, and a great team serving customers not only here in New York's Capital District, but across the United States and worldwide.

Dan and the P&P team, which consists of his wife Kristie and brother Mike, have invested numerous hours on community projects that seek to improve the quality of life around Schenectady and beyond. "From hosting fundraisers to lending support wherever they can, P&P focuses on customer service that goes beyond making the sale and includes going beyond to be a part of each of P&P's customers' lives," Dan likes to say.

P&P customers have included Union College, The Galesi Group, Villa Italia, the Altamont Fair, the University at Albany, Schenectady PBA and several hundred small and medium businesses and organizations. Our purpose is to stitch together communities, to raise awareness of important causes, no matter how big or small, and to proudly support local schools, sports teams, and organizations by providing excellent customer service and quality clothing. Our customers always come first. Our standards are unparalleled. Our prices are affordable. And our commitment to excellence has no bounds. We work around the clock to ensure that your ideas and designs can be worn with confidence, pride, and envy.

We believe that a logo on a t-shirt is more than just a shirt - it is a memory, an identity, and even a symbol of unity. If you run a business, you want your brand to stand out, and naturally, you want to show it off. "If you have a team or organization, you want your members to feel part of something meaningful and if you host an event, you want your participants to take home something to remember," Dan says.

Every event or business requires special attention as no two events are exactly the same and all have unique qualities. Printz & Patternz creates high quality products that show off your brand.

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