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Galway Roofing

No company does it better, or for less.

"I live in an older house, so the circulation and insulation isn't the best. My AC unit went the week of a major heatwave, and being inside was unbearable. It was cooler outside in 90 degree weather than inside! I called Galway HVAC and their professionals came out same day and did an on the spot estimate for me. I had a new AC unit installed by the next day! Thank you so much!"

Philip S., Schenectady

"My wife and I woke up one morning this past winter and discovered that we had no hot water. I went downstairs into my basement to check the water heater and discovered 3 inches of water flooding the entire area. I made a quick call to Galway HVAC and within a few hours they came out and fixed the problem, and even helped get rid of the water! Very professional, and sure to recommend in the future."

Mike and LaVerne M., Albany

"Give these guys a call whenever you're in a jam... I'm initially from New Jersey, and after the mess that was Hurricane Sandy, I never wanted to be without a backup generator again. Being without power for over a week was not something I wanted to deal with, so preemptively, I called Galway on recommendation of a friend in the Capital Region. Guys came out and gave me their recommendations based on my needs. I never felt like they were trying to sell me something."

Gwen P., Malta

" Our AC unit was almost 20 years old, and I just knew that it wasn't at its optimal performance level. I got in touch with Galway HVAC with the intention of just having them service it. What I got instead was an extremely professional and kind representative who told me straight -- he could service it no problem, but due to how old it was, I'd have to do this yearly. It would be more cost effective to purchase a whole new unit. He showed me their line, helped me pick out one that didn't break the bank, and I can honestly say that I'm glad he did! Thank you Galway!"

The C. Family, Glenville

"My kitchen sink wasn't draining properly. I was keeping a plunger in the cabinet underneath it for every time I did a load of dishes, because it would take minutes for the dirty water to drain. My neighbor told me about their experience with Galway HVAC when a burst pipe flooded their basement, so I gave them a call. They came over the very next day and not only unclogged my kitchen sink, but checked all the other sinks in my home and did them too! Great customer service!"

Alyssa and Juan E., Troy


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We are a full service roofing company providing Residential and Commercial property owners with the best quality products and craftsmanship at highly competitive rates. Our exceptional service and expertise in residential and commercial roofing systems has made us a top choice for homeowners, realtors, contractors, and property management groups.

We offer a wide range of roofing services. No matter the size or scope of project, we are 100% focused on safety, quality, and the highest level of professional service for our clients. Contact us today for a free estimate - we look forward to hearing from you.